WIG 2021
Wildly Important Goal Example

presented by Jeff Venn, Founder

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Create Studios is an online marketing company offering one seamless customer experience with 85% recurring revenue and 80% customer retention.


Now close your eyes and imagine yourself floating above a timeline to the future date of October 21st.

This is happening now:

It’s Wednesday, October 21st, and Jeff is sitting with Sarah in his new office, looking at the financial forecast. 


Jeff can see that Create Studios has grown its recurring revenue from 60% in December to 85% right now. Our customer retention rate is 80%.


Create Studios is officially an online marketing company!


All this is evidence we’re delighting our customers by anticipating their needs and growing their business. 


What is Jeff feeling?


Jeff feels a sense of confidence and exultation as he high-fives Sarah and exclaims, “We f***ing did it. F*** yes! We won!” 


His attitude is, “bring it on, time to conquer the next mountain. Time to get moving. Who’s coming with us? Who’s staying put? Let’s go. This next one is going to be so much fun!” 


Sarah, Jess, and Jeff plan a simple team celebration at One Ocean the next day for the local team. Together we celebrate all that we’ve accomplished. 


The following day we celebrate company-wide by giving everyone the bonuses they’ve earned for achieving their goals.



What does achieving this goal allow us to do?


As the business grows, our lives get better. We are making more money, we go on epic travel adventures, we experience less stress, and we move into the new c o n v e r g e cowork space.


We’re out of the typical feast or famine sales cycle since 85% of our business runs on recurring revenue.


We no longer spend hours and hours on the hunt for new sales, taking on deals we don’t want, and working with difficult people and underpriced projects. We don’t need a full-time salesperson. 


We enjoy our customers and are selective with the projects we take on and who we choose to work with.


We have time to continually refine our work and focus on delighting the customer and generating better results. 


We have the time and resources to run the c o n v e r g e cowork space, and we’re inspiring millennials to chase their dreams and generate revenue from their ideas.


Our travel adventures are grander than ever, and these shared experiences create lifelong memories and an uncommon bond of trust and gratitude.


Jeff’s Role


Making all this happen means Jeff matures as a leader, operating with clarity, focus, and discipline.


Jeff is steadily letting go of control and trusting others to do the work, and our team flourishes.


Inspiring and growing millennials is Jeff’s passion, and it starts with our intelligent, forward-thinking team at Create Studios. 


Jeff runs the business using dashboards. He’s able to fly the plane in the clouds. The cockpit controls and instruments are sufficient to show him exactly where he’s at on the way to the destination.


Jeff’s a provider and a protector, and he watches over the people in our tribe.


This is a year of clarity, focus, and disciplined progress.


What is Jeff willing to do to get here? 


Jeff sacrifices keeping his options open and flitting from one idea to the next. 


He surrounds himself with accountability, his operations manager, the Commit Action coaching team, and others.


He does this all in less than 30 hours per week.


What other opportunities arise for Jeff from achieving the goal?


By laying a new foundation in the coming year, the following year, it’s no longer necessary for Jeff to be involved with Create Studios’ day-to-day operations. He’s moving on to exciting new initiatives.


Jeff’s ultimate goal is to build up the generations.

It starts with the millennials 20 to 30 years old.

Then his children’s generation 10 to 20 years old.


He uses his business expertise in creative ways to diversify and grow as a human.


He participates in projects that spark his interest.


He mentors young millennials and runs events that cultivate their potential. 


Jeff’s goal for these business and mentoring initiatives:

Do it better. 

Do it smarter. 

Do it more efficiently. 

Take advantage of every resource you have.

Create value in order to generate your desired income.

Love what you do.

Crush it.


This is a year of clarity, focus, and disciplined progress.


Now, let’s get moving!


How does Jeff stay energized?


Jeff recharges himself through creative play, intellectually stimulating relationships, and inspiring others to chase their dreams. 


He takes the people in his tribe on travel adventures and experiences that involve nature, creativity, culture, music, and art. 


He creates mental and physical spaces where people feel inspired, challenged, and safe. 




Travel Adventures


Epic travel adventures are an essential part of Create Studios and c o n v e r g e.


With his tribe, he explores cities such as Ocala Fl, Denver, New York, and Portland, where he’s inspired by art, culture, and sharing new experiences with others. 



Nature and Stillness


Jeff retreats to nature to soothe his soul. 


He takes his first visit to the redwood forest.

He makes short trips to secluded Florida Airbnbs and the mountains of North Carolina.

These quiet places provide refuge and sanctuary and reawaken his soul. 

His family loves to join him on these trips.


Living by the Atlantic Ocean’s shores offers surfing, sunny days at the beach, bike rides, and strolls to the nearby town center. This is part of his day to day life.


When the weekend comes, or he needs an afternoon off, Jeff crosses the ferry and explores the secluded inlets and waterways of North Florida by bike, jogging, or stand-up paddleboard. He heads south to St. Augustine and visits the pristine oasis of Washington Oaks State Gardens and its secluded beaches and inlets. He regularly visits the beautiful Hanna Park lake near his house with his kids.


These easily accessible nature adventures provide a great way to connect with his children and experience the outdoors.



Creativity and Curiosity


Jeff stirs his creativity and pushes his boundaries by attending urban events that showcase art, culture, and music.


He participates in multiple art and music festivals and Burning Man events throughout the year, including the big burn in Nevada.


He listens to audiobooks, sings, and plays the acoustic guitar and piano for weekly inspiration and flow.


Experiencing others’ creativity and sharing it with the ones he loves keeps his curiosity and motivation high.


He strategically uses alcohol and plant-based medicine to open his mind to different ways of experiencing life.




Surviving the Dips


During stormy weather, Jeff realizes it’s time to batten down the ship of life and remain steady.


Whether it’s the summertime depression he’s regularly experienced, unexpected life events, or difficult challenges at work, he keeps his hand to the plow.


He sets his iron will and pursues the projects and opportunities in front of him with steady, ox-like determination.


He relies on those in his inner circle of trust for support and comfort. He spends time with his children embracing their more innocent view of life.

He rests in the knowledge that each day comes to a close and offers the opportunity to lay down the plow and rest for the next.




Activity and Physical Fitness


To keep the body and mind balanced, Jeff stretches and meditates daily as he has for years.


He works out multiple times per week, doing resistance training and cardio.


These activities ground his energy and free his mind.


As the seasons change, he regularly pursues outdoor adventures, including beach runs, surfing, and stand up paddleboarding.


He’s a pescatarian who consistently eats clean, gut-friendly food, including fruits, vegetables, legumes, and whole grains. He consumes open pasture eggs, fish, and plant-based proteins. 



In closing, this is a year of clarity, focus, and disciplined progress.


Now, time to get moving!