90 Day Mentor Program

This is a mentoring program for six millennial entrepreneurs to set and accomplish their #1 wildly important goal in 90-days.


Many people have great ideas, but few actually follow through and achieve them.


This program is designed to give you the accountability, community, and framework to actually make it happen.


Imagine the momentum and confidence you’ll have once you’ve achieved your wildly important  goal.


You’ll roll into 2021 with a newfound confidence and sense of accomplishment.

A Letter From Jeff

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Entrepreneurship can be a lonely place.


On one hand, it’s glamorous and captures our universal desire to explore and chart new ground.

On the other hand, it’s lonely, often misunderstood, and can feel like a hopeless grind.

If you're like me, you may feel that no one in your corner helping you stay focused, encouraging you, and giving you a safe place as you do the work and move things forward.

That’s where I’m stepping in to help.

In my late twenties, I started Create Studios.


It’s a digital marketing agency full of millennials that are thriving today.

I make a great living, but more importantly, I’m rich in the things that matter to me - such as control over my time, a fantastic work-life balance, and building a unique company culture that sustains others and captures the free-thinking creativity of the marketing world.

I’m now in a place to help you grow faster, feel connected, and be a part of a community like-mined people that “get it.”

You’re not in this alone! We’ve got each other and we’re moving forward together.

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What The Program Entails

The program is all about achieving one wildly important goal within 90 days and providing you with the tools, community, and accountability to stick to it and make it happen.

Program Structure:

  • We'll have a weekly huddle to check in, update on our progress, and high-five each other into a new week. 

  • You'll have an accountability partner from the group.

  • You’ll make new friends with like-minded people who are going harder after the dream.

  • You'll have office hours with Jeff to work through any obstacles and stay inspired.

  • On a monthly basis, we’ll celebrate monthly wins and lessons learned.

At Sunset

First Step: Interview with Jeff

Jeff will reach out to you shortly.